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doctorwho_claim's Journal

Claim A Doctor Who Character
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Based on awyenofrivendel's idea.....

Yet another rip-off of all the claiming communities on LiveJournal. In this community, you claim the Doctor Who character(s) of your choice. A Time Lord, Time Lady, monster, companion, whatever! You name it and it's in Doctor Who, it's yours!

If there is a fanfiction character you'd like to claim, you may do that, too (as I gave that privilage to someone).

Please look at the Claims List before you stake your claim.

Claims NOT IN THE COMMUNITY ITSELF will be either ignored (if I don't get a notification) or directed to make a real entry (if I do). DO NOT POST A COMMENT STAKING YOUR CLAIM! POST IN THE COMMUNITY!


1. You are not staking any legal claim on anything. This community intends no infringement.

2. If you wish to claim Jamie McCrimmon, K9, or the Daleks (which were all claimed by myself, the maintainer of this community), do so. I WILL share.

3. Members are allowed TWO claims.

4. ONE user per claim. Claims may be shared, but both users must agree on it.

5. No fighting or flaming. This is all in good fun!

6. If you try to claim more than two, I will take the first two you claim.

7. Making things for the community (icons, backgrounds, banners, buttons, etc.) will earn you an extra claim.

This community was created and is run by me, Lisa Moulton (gigs_83), and I will update the Claims List when there is a new claim staked.

Being the creator of this community, I staked my claim on all my favorites (Doctors 5 and 8, Jamie, K9, and the Daleks) I WILL SHARE Jamie, K9, and the Daleks, but NOT the two Doctors.


Made by green_wing for their claim of Orin Scannell

Made by green_wing for their claim of Riley Vashtee